Prescription Refill Policy

  1. Our goal is to assist patients with refill requests in an efficient manner. In order to process your request as quickly as possible,please see the details of our prescription refill policy –
  2. Routine refill requests should be discussed with the clinician during a regularly scheduled office visit. Scheduling office visits prior to running out of medication is the patient’s responsibility.
  3. If you need a refill you need to make an appointment. Refills will not be given over the phone.
  4. Maintaining current pharmacy information is the responsibility of the patient. Please notify our office of changes to your preferred pharmacy.
  5. Patients requesting new prescriptions must be seen for an appointment by a clinician.
  6. Antibiotics are not prescribed over-the-phone. Patients who request an antibiotic will be directed to schedule an appointment.
  7. All refills will require a follow-up appointment in the office prior to authorization.
  8. Please plan ahead for refills during holidays and when traveling.
  9. Replacement prescriptions may incur a fee of $25 per prescription.